Ugly sweater LAN pARTY!

Ho ho ho! Christmas is a time of warmth and cozyness. What better way to get this warm feeling than having a gaming device making jet engine noises radiating its heat next to you? Not warm enough for you? Then make sure to put on your ugliest (really, we won't judge) Christmas sweater!

During this LAN party that will last till the late hours, you can either bring your own (board) games and consoles (heck, bring your PC if you want) or just play with what we will provide.

For extra cozyness, we will provide blankets and snacks as well! However, if you can bring either of these too, that would be great :D.

Oh, lastly: Christmas is also a time of peace, so playing Mario Kart with your friend/rival might not be the best idea if you want to uphold the Christmas spirit :P.

PS. The Minecraft server will of course also be online during this event. If you really can't make it, you can always join in there!