Input Session: New Proto Song

Oh so eastern on the campus
Stands a study, oh so fine!

Of course everyone knows our lovely association song The Proto Song on the melody of 'Oh my darling Clementine' (or maybe you have heard of it.. or maybe you've tried to memorize it but failed because of the difficult lyrics).

Unfortunately, after many honorable years of singing this song it is time to say goodbye to it and start a new musical chapter for Proto. During this input session we will brainstorm on new lyrics for a new Proto song on different melodies. So if you have nice ideas on what you would like to include in the new song, or if you consider yourself musical enough to work on such an important song for the association make sure to join this input session!

Before the input session takes place we would already like to inventorise on which tune it should be or what subjects (for instance: Itech, Protopolis etc) you think are important to be in the Proto song, so please fill in this form.