Important: Signing up to the event gives no entrance to the gala, buying a ticket does. If you want to bring one or more dates, you can buy multiple tickets.

For a 10 euro discount you can fill in this form from YER and they will pay the 10 euro for you if you buy the YER ticket. If you don't fill in the form we will switch you to the expensive ticket.

On Tuesday the 28th of March Proto will have its yearly prom together with the other Study Associations of our faculty: Abacus, Inter-Actief and Scintilla

And of course there will be an exciting theme to take inspiration from and submerge yourself in.
This year the name of the theme is: Step into the shadows: dress, dance, and act like you're thoroughly enjoying the Roaring Twenties without a care in the world. This era of prosperity truly cannot end, can it?

But wait, crime, prohibition, and murder looms in the shadows behind the mask of wealth, glory, and happiness. Will you survive the night unscathed?

The event will be hosted at the beautiful Metropool in Enschede. Sign up includes entry to the venue and unlimited free drinks from the open bar!

For questions or issues please contact the committee by mail

If you're want to know more about the gala etiquette we encourage you to read this article describing an accepted approach of asking someone to be your gala date.