Information session and Q&A on student loans and repayment

Do you have student loans at DUO? Are you wondering about the rising interest rate on these loans or exact repayment rules? Or are you not yet aware that students who graduate next year can possibly save hundreds of euros on interest in the next 5 years?
Then come to the information session and Q&A in Waaier 1 on November 29th. Starting at 12:45 DUO’s rules for student loans will be summarized, and a strategy will be shared how you as a student can protect yourself from rising interest rates. After the break, questions you might have about your personal situation will be answered by a spokesperson from DUO in the Foyer of the waaier.
This session will be livestreamed and recorded, both can be accessed using or with the QR code on the poster.
For international students the recording will be subtitled in English, and they are of course free to ask any questions in English in the Foyer from 13:45 to 15:30.