EEMCS Oktoberfest

As we students like to say; better late than never, which of course also holds for Oktoberfest. This year, another Oktoberfest is organised together with all the EEMCS associations on the 21st of February from 16:00-20:00!! Hopefully you didn’t put your Oktoberfest outfit all the way in the back of the closet and are excited to come enjoy some nice drinks???? The sign-up will open the 31st of January at 14:00, so stay tuned.

The Oktoberfest Ticket (€11,00) includes a large glass mug you can keep and a card with which you can get 5 refills. There will be Flugel bird related beverages :) If you’d like to have dinner included: go for the Oktoberfest dinner ticket (€9,95).

Looking forward to seeing you there,
The EEMCS associations