Are you READY for the first Schrala in two years? Do you not have enough money for a nice suit or dress for an actual gala? Then this will be your evening!

But... what is a Schrala?
During a Schrala, you have the opportunity to wear literal trash and nobody will judge you for it. Make your own suit out of trash bags, cello tape and anything else you can find in and around your house. The uglier, the better!

For the cost of 7.50, you will be able to drink beers and soft drinks for the whole evening.

There is also the opportunity to eat with us. We plan to eat "Tafelfriet". For now, the costs of eat-tickets are €7,-. This is probably way higher than it needs to be and will be lowered. It is this high because the price is really dependent on how many people will join the dinner.