EEMCS Workshop: 3D printing course

Imagine being able to think of any three dimensional object and having it magically manifest itself into your life within a day. 3D-printing makes this possible. And while sometimes this can be as simple as a click of a button, often there is more to it.
Getting the right settings, slicing and very importantly actually designing a 3D object (with the printing process in mind).

In this EEMCS course we will look exactly into those things. We will discuss the basics of 3D printing and whats involved in the process. Afterwards we will be working on a design in the program Fusion 360; something that will actually be 3D printed for you.

You can walk in at 17:30 and we will have dinner together at 18:00. The course will start around 18:45 and run to about 22:00.

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IMPORTANT: Make sure to install Fusion 360 before the workshop!