Oktoberfest: Special MoAD

Oktoberfest had to be canceled, and it a long time from Oktober, but who cares. We are going to have another Oktoberfest with all other EEMCS associations again! HYPEEEE! So get that Oktoberfest outfit out of the closet and come enjoy some nice beers!

The participation price includes a beer mug (which you can keep) and a card to get refills with. You can get 5 refills with one card. You can also get a flugel instead of a refill (YES THERE WILL BE FLUGELS). After that, you can buy another card for 5 euros.

There also will be dinner available. It has to be noted that the price doesn't include dinner and you are not automatically signed up for it. You need to buy a ticket to get dinner, so please do so. We will order stew at SlagerWim. In contrast to the name, there will be an option for vegetarians. This is a seperate ticket, so please choose that one if you want vegetarian food.

If you are wondering why some people are already signed up before the sign up opens: those people were already signed up for the previous Oktoberfest that got canceled. Therefore, they got the option to sign up for this one