Tamaguino workshop by Q42

Let's get together and build a virtual pet! In these awkward times we could all use some more TLC. On the 18th we'll be building a buddy that you can cuddle with when you're feeling lonely.

We're going to turn your Arduino into a Tamagotchi. To make it a bit more exciting we'll send you some upgrades for your arduino. We'll also provide a starting point for the code, so you can focus on the fun stuff - your pet's personality. How will it respond when you whisper some smooth talk in its ear? How will it handle being penned up in a student room with curtains drawn and no daylight coming in?

Ideally we'd be doing this together, shoulder to shoulder behind a workbench. But that's not possible at the moment, so we'll have to do with a virtual workshop. But not a boring zoom/teams/meet session, we're going to throw a party in the virtual woods of Mibo!

Make sure to fill in this form so Q42 knows where to ship the parts.

Note: you will need your OWN Arduino

You can join the Mibo here