[MOVED] Company Diner
This activity is organised by the Acquisition Committee.

NOTE: This activity has been moved to a different date (06/05/2020). We are sorry for any inconvience caused by this.

Important: this activity requires you to send in your resume

Finding a nice company to work for or do your job thesis at can be hard. It's difficult to learn anything about a company besides from what you see on their website. That's why the acquisition committee organised this network dinner! You get to sit down with three companies and enjoy a three course meal while learning more about the companies and what they can offer you. The best part: it's only 5 euros! There will be a few representatives from each company whom you can ask anything you want to see if there is a potential match.

This activity is meant for anyone who is looking for companies. Either for a job, a thesis, or just orienting yourself for the future. The final companies are still being searched for, when these are found this will be updated on this event page.

Since this is a formal event, formal attire is required. We do not expect a three piece suit, but wear something nice and decent.

The companies want to know beforehand who they will be meeting and have asked us to provide them with your resumes. That's why if you want to sign up you have to send your resume to: acquisition@proto.utwente.nl