MoAD: The Sunshine Drink

If you have a ticket you need to fill out the form below to let us know which BBQ package you want and any allergies! (If you do not fill it out we will automaticly reserve the vegetariƫn option for you)

Experience the ultimate blend of community, great food, and recognition at the Sunshine Drink. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon of celebration!

Indulge your taste buds with a sizzling barbecue as we bring together teachers and students in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. It's the perfect opportunity to engage with your teachers outside the classroom!

But that's not all! The one who will be put into the sun even more is the winner of our Educational Award! You have voted on your favorite teacher and they will receive their prize here!

Mark your calendars for an afternoon filled with sunshine, laughter, and recognition. Join us at the Sunshine Drink and let's celebrate the incredible teachers who inspire and motivate us every day.

Both the BBQ and the drinks during the event are free! Hope to see you there! :)

Note: You DO NOT need to be a Proto Member to claim a ticket. You only need to have a free Proto account. If you have any allergies or diets, make sure you have put that information in your proto account on the site. Otherwise we can't promise you that you have something to eat.