Proto cookbook

Hello there,

Do you have an amazing recipe that you (and your housemates) absolutely love? Well, then this is your chance to share it with the whole of Proto!

The culture committee presents you: the Proto cookbook.

We will be collecting recipes from everyone involved with Proto, everything together will form a nicely packed cookbook that we will be able to release in a short period of time :)

For this we of course need you to submit the recipes, the information we need from you can be previewed in the following document: List with recipe components

Once you have collected everything you want to submit you can fill in this form: Your AMAZING recipe

If you are really eager and have more than one recipe you want to submit, feel absolutely free to do so, however, if we get enough submissions we might have to kill one of your darlingsā€¦

We hope to see a lot of delicious recipes coming our way,
Have fun :)