Lustrum Robot Wars [Cancelled]]

The Robot Wars has long been a staple in the CreaTe Kick-In program, people assemble a kick-ass robot to kick the asses of robots, and that without any experience! Now, for our second lustrum, it's time to do this event over, but bigger and better! We’re swapping out the lego for real electronics made with blood, sweat, tears and probably some internet tutorials.

During the event we will test your robot in three categories: Speed, Agility and Bloodlust.

Speed: Race it out on our very own little zandvoort, here in the SmartXP! The faster your robot, the more points you get.

Agility: Can your robot handle difficult terrain? Can you control it though the hardest loops and obstacles? If you leave the course unscathed, you’re sure to rake in those points!

Bloodlust: Finally, the cherry on the bloody pie, the battle! Just like during the kick-in, the robots will battle it out until only one remains (or, more likely if you don't want your robot destroyed, until one gives up).

“But Lustrum Committee, I have no experience making robots, but I still want to participate! What do i do now??” Fear not, you can just join the Build Your Own Robot event!

But of course, you can also make your own robot from scratch! Just make sure that it keeps to the following rules:

Your robot can maximally be 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
No Flamethrowers
Your robot can maximally weigh 1.5 kg.
No projectiles
No flying robots (looking at you Droneteam!)
No Flamethrowers!!!
Please use common sense. The committee can always disqualify a robot. If you have any doubts beforehand, just ask us!

Lastly, if you want to participate, we highly recommend to do so in groups of about 2 to 4 people. This makes it easier for us to host the event, and it makes building the robot a lot easier and cheaper for you :). Please let us know your teams in this google form

Note: Everyone in the team does still need to sign up for this event!

So, be sure to get your robot beun skills ready, and decimate the opponents!