Bob Ross Paint Along

YouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYouYou know what you need right now? A dose of relaxation and anxiety at the same time. His voice is so calming, so smooooooth. But these happy little accidents happen a lot don't they, uuuuuh, what was this supposed to be again???

Come and join us for an evening full of calming voices and paint. We will be doing a paint along with one of Bob Ross’s tutorials. If you don’t have paint or brushes, we got you covered! We will be ordering all the supplies needed for you (this saves you shipping cost, yay).

If you sign up for the activity you will receive the following items:

  • 30x40 cm canvas
  • 12 tubes oil paint set
  • set of 6 brushes

If already have these components you don't have to sign up for the activity, just drop by on the discord at the start of the activity.