Decorate your PlantPot

Hey you!
Do you love plants as much as we do? Then you're in for a treat!

There is a brand new Society that joined the beautiful asscociation of Proto, the PlantSie!! We are some plant enthousiasts that would like to see even more green in the Protopolis and want to share our love for plants with you.

To start this exciting journey we have our first activity plant for you. Painting a plant pot! By signing up you will be provided with a clear canvas (plantpot), paint and brushes. However you are more than welcome to bring your own arts and craft supplies.
In addition to having an awesome evening you will also support the PlantSie when participating.
A small amount of the participation fee will go towards buying plants that will eventually
hang in the Protopolis. :D

See you there!

xx PlantSie

The plantpot will be D 11cm terracotta.