Lasercut Workshop -- Sk8erbois Society Drink-Plank

Do you like Avril Lavigne's Sk8erbois?
Do you like a good atmosphere?
Do you h8 cramped hands due to uncomfortably carrying your drink during those drinks?
Do you want to learn the basics of lasercutting?

Then this is the event for you! The Sk8erbois are very passion8 about Proto and cannot fully leave it behind. Lucky for you because they will teach you the basics of lasercutting.

This workshop will include:

  • A written document explaining the basics of lasercutting in CorelDraw
  • A live demonstration on how to work with CorelDraw
  • A template for a sk8board-shaped drink-plank
  • A drink
  • A ton of fun like only the Sk8erbois can provide you!!

Don't w8, accept your f8 and join this workshop!!

Coreldraw or Illustrator software (other vector software might also work) is not included, make sure to get that ready.

The files for the Sk8board drink plank used to practice during the workshop can be found here. It's a WeTransfer link that will be available for a limited time so don't forget to download the files ASAP.
The handout document explaining the basics of the lasercutting process can also be found on the SmartXp Wiki.