Silent Disco: Subculture Theme

Miley Cyrus has encouraged us often enough, so it is time to finally take the opportunity and have an amazing party in the SmartXP!

The DisCo is organizing a silent disco with three music channels corresponding to three popular sub-themes.

Did you ever have an emo phase and do you still enjoy some Panic! At The Disco or My Chemical Romance, then take your darkest eyeliner and enjoy the emo channel in a fitting outfit.

Are you more of a techno fan and do you want to rave with your prettiest sunglasses and enjoy the lights and visual effects at the other part of the SmartXP? Than you're more than welcome to join the rave channel!

Lastly, for the people that often get the criticism that their music taste is a bit basic we also have a channel filled with hits from ABBA, Britney Spears and Antoon so we hope to see some nice hairclips and Marie-Claire inspired outfits in this zone!

Price is currently set for 5,00 but will go down if more people sign up