BBQ Hunt

250.000 years ago, Neanderthals roamed our planet. Even during the harsh winters, they searched the lands for food.
These days, we order our food like lazy people.
It is time to get up and join us with our Midwinter BBQ Hunt!
Survive the winter by having a nice BBQ with Gluhwein (Mulled wine). But there is a twist...
You'll get a option to hunt for your meat! There will be 'real' animals roaming the campus and it is you job to go and hunt!
So join us to survive this winter!
There are two tickets you can buy. One is for if you don't want to hunt and just want to enjoy a nice BBQ with Glühwein and the other ticket is for the BBQ with hunt and Glühwein!

There are two tickets:

  • Hunter: You will need to actually hunt for your 4 different kinds of meat (or non-meats) by shooting committee-members dressed as animals
  • Lazy Sloth: You enjoy eating, but not working that much for it, which is okay! However, for the lack of effort you'll need to pay a tiny bit more.