[Postponed] How to deal with Overchoice ft. Procam
This activity is organised by the Acquisition Committee.

NOTE: This activity has been postponed

Overchoice; How do I make the best decision?!
You probably know how it feels. Standing in front of the chocolate sprinkles in the supermarket, not sure which of the 20 variations to pick. How do you even choose? It feels like no choice is good enough, so you decide not to buy any sprinkles at all. A typical case of overchoice — and the stress that comes with it. Now, sprinkles aren’t that important. But your first job is! There are so many job opportunities to choose from after graduation. How do you know which job suits you best? What is the right choice for you? Overchoice leads to decision anxiety: a common phenomenon among graduates.

During this workshop we will explore the principles of making choices. Through various exercises we will work towards an effective, science-based decision-making strategy. A personal strategy which you can use to pick your first job — stress free!

Oh, and to make the decision of singing up even easier, there's also free lunch ;)