GOGBOT Quantum Supremacy in the age of pandemic

GOGBOT festival is since 2004 the annual showcase of 4 long days and nights with creative technology, electronic music and contemporary art. Its mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, visionary and avant-garde artists currently working in their fields. The festival offers a stimulating rendez-vous for artists, professionals and the audience, and intends to create a sonic space for innovation in digital creativity.

Quantum Supremacy is a mind-blowing, controversial, but extremely urgent theme. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM are competing to build the first quantum computer, a ‘supercomputer’ expected to be a staggering one billion times faster than today’s best computer. What will the quantum future hold?

The festival is only possible with your help!
When becoming a volunteer of GOGBOT you become responsible of the festival with us, your tasks are security, information and clean up.

Volunteers are in general working 2 shifts of 6 hours, you can of course sign up for more :)
For your help you get a passe-partout for all the festival activities, a 2020 T shirt, food on the days you help out and of course the joy of working with awesome people!

You can sign up as a volunteer using the following Google Form