GIT Course with EEMCS

Together we can achieve a lot more! But working together can also introduce problems. Everyone has a different version of the files, who is going to merge that into the final product? This is where the subject of this Masterclass comes in. In use by over 90% of the entire IT industry, in both small and large projects, we are talking about Git.

In this course Johan Verzijden and Kasper Müller from E.T.S.V. Scintilla will teach you the basics of Git to get you up and running in no time.
Oh and did we mention you will get a free meal of your choice (worth around €13) from Italiana Enschede?

We will start at 17:30 in the Educafé, where the dinner should arrive around 17:45. After the nice meal we will go to the lecture room (CR3D) and start with the course. This course is an interactive lecture. By both listening and participating with the exercises on your own laptop you will be able to learn this essential skill in a matter of hours. We expect the course to run until around 21:30, but this of course also depends on your learning pace.

You will be provided with a manual, so if you really need to leave halfway through the course, you can always continue at home.