Good Idea Drink

Get ready to raise a glass to innovation and creativity at the upcoming 'Good Idea Drink' event! This unique gathering is the perfect opportunity to come up with fresh and exciting ideas for the upcoming academic year.

Join us as we brainstorm and share our thoughts on how to make the upcoming year the best one yet. With a drink in hand and an open mind, we'll explore new and exciting ways to make a real impact.

And the best part? Your ideas could help shape the policy plan of the candidate board! That's right - this is your chance to have a real say in the direction of the upcoming academic year.

So whether you're a student, staff member, or just someone who's passionate about education, we want to hear from you! Come and join us for an evening of lively conversation, new connections, and, of course, great drinks.

So mark your calendars and come ready to share your ideas for the upcoming academic year. The Good Idea Drink is not to be missed!

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Elat Roma
Mon 16:11 - Mon 17:15
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