Dies - 80's & 90's Murder Mystery

For the third activity of the Dies we would like to invite you to the W.A. trailer park. Filled to the brim with criminals, gamblers, prostitutes and junks this is surely the place to be for our 80’s activity. Will everyone survive this activity? Where did the trailer park owner’s husband go? And why would someone kidnap a dog? You can find it all out by becoming a trailer park resident for the evening yourself* and joining the annual trailer park BBQ. With lots of conflicts happening on the terrain this BBQ will surely be one for the books. So if you are down to join this politically incorrect BBQ filled with murder and mysteries do not hesitate to sign up.**

*as this is a roleplaying game please dress up accordingly :) you will receive a mail with the dress code once you sign up.
Once you’re signed up, please check your mail the coming days for the formal invitation to this event. Also if you’re unable to come sign-out on time! This activity depends a lot on the number of participants and not showing up could ruin the for your fellow participants.
*** in case you become ill on the day itself, please shoot a message to the Dies committee so we can arrange someone to fill in your part!