Do-Group Sign-Up & Info

Are you interested in becoming a do-group parent during this year's Kick-In? Do you want to know what it takes to be a do-group parent? KICC is there for you to explain what you need to know! Below you will find all the information you need to know about becoming a do-group parent during this year’s Kick-In:

First, there are some important dates to keep in mind. This year’s Kick-In will take place between 19 and 27 August of which 3 days(24 till 26 August) are part of the faculty Kick-In. There will also be a briefing for you on the 18th of august.

Becoming a parent
During the span of these 9 days (6 general and 3 faculty) you will spend time with your Kick-In family. The Kick-In is a time for new students to get to know all the new exciting parts that come with their brand new student life. The Kick-In family is a warm welcome and a great starting point for all the new students and you are there to guide them through these 9 days. As a parent you will have some responsibilities like for instance making sure everyone has a place to sleep or making sure everybody feels at ease within the group.

Requirements for starting a do-group:

  • 2 parents
  • A minimum of 5 uncles/ aunts
  • A name for your do group
  • A motivational letter
    All do-groups get an equal change, so existing and new do-groups are both welcome. One more thing to know is that do-groups signed up with Proto are independent. Other do-groups go through other associations.

Additional info:
Parents versus other family members (uncles, aunts and grandparents)

  • Parents can (and should) attend all activities (except part of faculty Kick-In) - other members do not
  • Parents have to attend ALL chosen activities (except faculty Kick-in) – other family members do not.
  • Parents have responsibilities over the kiddo’s and need to be active every day – other family members do not.

There will be a parent training, which is mandatory for all parents (you will not be allowed to be a parent if you don't follow this training). The date for this will be announced later. Aunts and uncles can also go to this training. In this training you will learn: The general programme of the Kick-In, handling difficult situations and people, creation and teambuilding of a do-group, alcohol usage of the new students and preventing kiddos from dropping out.

Signing up:
You can sign yourself up through this google form:
The deadline for the sign up is the 12th of April. Make sure to fill in all the fields according to their description :)

There is also an option to be a parent for an OKIC do-group. These are the do-groups that are for kiddo’s that only partake in the Faculty Days, so the OKIC. That means the do-groups are for just three days. The responsibilities are slightly different for OKIC parents, because you will be participating in some activities that usually only involve kiddo's. The sign up for the OKIC do-group happens later, so keep an eye out for more information if you are interested!
(Do keep in mind: there will likely only be two OKIC do-groups, so don't hesitate to form a normal do-group if you are thinking of it. It would be unfortunate if we got too many sign-ups for the OKIC, because there is no opportunity to still form a regular do-group if you are not chosen as OKIC do-group.)

If you have any additional questions, reach out to Daniel Ijtsma or send us an email at!