ProtoNight: Dungeons and Dragons!

Have you always wanted to play some Dungeons and Dragons, but never got the oppertunity? Are you a regular player and do you want to have a fun night with some friends? Or have you never even heard of the game, but are intrigued by it anyways? Then this is the event for you!

Dungeons and Dragons is a TTRPG (Table Top RolePlaying Game) that has been around for decades, but which has gained more mainstream popularity in recent years. You will play as a character with their own special abilities, together with a few other players. The goal of your game will be to solve the mystery / go on the adventure / find the treasure the Dungeon Master has created for you; but the ultimate goal of DnD is to have a very fun time with friends wile pretending to shoot magic at some goblins!

For this event we will have 4 Dungeon Masters, who each will be playing with a group of max. 5 people. Three of our dungeon masters will play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, while one will play Pathfinder. At least one of our dungeon masters will also be using an online program to assist during the one shot, so if you can bring your laptop that would be great. You don't need to create your own characters, as we will have some premade for you (but if you do want to, you can also make your own. In that case you can send a message to for more info).