pLAN VR Night

Have you always wanted to try gaming in VR!? Of course you have! Now it’s possible thanks to pLANs VR Gamenight!
Together with you, pLAn will land in the SmartXp & play some games that are literally out of this world. Join us for a fun evening with the newest tech in gaming. Since we don't have unlimited VR sets to keep everyone entertained the entire night, you are of course allowed (and encouraged!) to bring your own computers, consoles and games. We will also provide a few other consoles and games besides the VR sets. The SmartXp is at your disposal!

Since we have a limited amount of VR installations, signing up is only necessary if you want to reserve a timeslot of about 30 minutes. If you're fine with playing with the VR after everyone that signed up or just want to hang around and play other videogames, you don't have to sign in.

Want to order dinner with us? We're ordering at Maestro, please fill in this form before 17:30.