Lustrum Build your own Robot night [POSTPONED]

Always dreamt of building your own robot, that you can easily control with your phone? Of course you do! Whether it is to slaughter the competition at the Robot Wars XL Event or just to annoy your housemates, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

The robot will be a battery-driven bluetooth controlled car which can be controlled using an app on your phone. The app will have multiple unused buttons, which you can use yourself to add extra functionalities later on.

You can sign up on your own, or together with your team for the Robot Wars. If you do decide to work on it together, only one person has to buy the ticket for the event, and this person will get one robot-building-kit. Everyone does need to sign up, since we need to know who will come to the SmartXP due to corona.

In this tutorial, it is assumed that you have a working arduino which you can use as a controller for the robot, and some very basic knowledge of arduino. Everything else will be provided by us!

Please note: Buying supplies is only possible until the 11th of Februari. This is because we need to order all the parts for the participants in advance. Missed the sign up but still want to participate? If you send an email to, we can give you a list of all required parts, so that you can get them yourself and still join the activity. We can not guarantee that all parts will be available for the same price on a short notice however.

Link to all the required files.