Workshop by Achmea: Technology Trends + Pitch contest!

The well known insurance and IT company Achmea is coming to the campus to give us CreaTers and I-Techies an insight in the current and upcoming technology trends. Here's what they will be talking about:

Achmea will discuss their trend report, with which they will show what trends Achmea has found that has impact on their organisation, such as IoT, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

After that there will be a small hands-on case project to think about what kind of services Achmea could use to advance their productivity and efficiency. A perfect CreaTe case!

Lastly, there will be a pitch contest to pitch your solution to the case. There will be a prize for the winners!

Don't miss out on this workshop to get some hands-on experience and gain useful insights in the technological world of 2019 and the future!

Important: there is a no-show fee. If you are signed up but are not there, you will be charged this fee, even if the event would otherwise be free.