I-Tech: Storytelling Through Oral Presentation

I-Tech students will give presentations about various subjects related to their study. Come check em out!

This will be the order of appearance for the final presentations this Thursday:

Robin van Emmerloot - Uncanny valley
Brolin Fernandes - Speech technology
David Rosenbusch - D&D
Jop Paulissen - Using VR to battle stage fright
Edo de Wolf - The importance of breathing in the digital age
Lilian Sung - Emoji’s
Adit Aditya Gianto Hadiwijaya - What HCI designers should know about Culture
Sverre Boer - Outliers
Justin Krooneman - The merits of requirement engineering
Rosa Amptmeijer - Stories
Luc Schoot Uiterkamp - A new way to measure stress
Joeri Planting - I-Tech as a bridging field
Eva Maria Veitmaa - Tracking periods shouldn't be a bloody mess
Arnav Mundkur - Digimom