(Board) Game Night

The pLAN is organising an evening full of games and fun for the integration week,
during the evening we are hosting a few board games and giving people space to bring their own laptop or console to create a LAN party.
In this form you can indicate which games you would like to play.

You must sign-up if you want to physically attend!

You are encouraged to bring your own gaming equipment!

If you would rather stay home, that is totally fine!
Proto has its own discord server where we will be hosting games and we also have our own Minecraft server.
If you want to be whitelisted for the Minecraft server you have to join the discord and ask in the Minecraft text channel to be whitelisted. The server ip is: protocraft.my-serv.com

Unfortunately, the pLAN is still looking for a location to host the event; we will most certainly keep you updated. In a worst-case scenario, the activity will continue online.