Quality Agreements Budget - Brainstorm Session

You probably have noticed that you don't receive a 'basic study grant' (Dutch: basisbeurs). Instead, the money goes to the quality of our education, which resulted in the Quality Agreements Budget (in dutch it is called 'WSV-gelden' which maybe sounds more familiar). At this moment, the university is looking into ways of spending this money. They want to look into projects that cost 1000 euro's to projects that cost 50.000 euro's . Who better know what is best for the quality of education than the students themselves? Therefore we are organizing a brainstorming session

This video explains it in a lot further detail, but in short: the Quality Agreements budget can go to any kind of project that falls within one of the measures (what this is should be made clear in the video) and improves the quality of education. And yes, 'quality of education' has a really broad definition. You can also give this document a read. The way you fill in a proposal for a project is written in this document. Don't fill in the proposal yet though, please come to the brain storming session instead.