ProtoTrip 2019: Travel Time!

It's time to travel to where it all began! Or where it will all begin?
We'll travel to a secret location and enjoy the city for a weekend. However to get to the location a nice quest, with assignments and puzzles, awaits!!
We will explore the sites and do some amazing activities.
Enjoy a fun weekend with friends & Proto to find this hidden location.
Don't worry, once we get there we make it all better for the future generation. (at least we hope... :p)

What you get for the maximum price of €100 (this price might be lowered)

  • Transport to the location and back home
  • Two nights in a hostel (breakfast included)
  • Dinner on the first evening

For an indication of the transport posibilities we need you to fill in this form.

Options for activities that we'll be doing there will become available at a later date.

If there are any questions don't hesitate to let us know :)