Valentine Roses

Love is in the air. If not, it is in the pollen of the rose.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Cupid will once again spread the love around Proto. However, he has run out of arrows. He has therefore contacted the Entropcy to help him out in spreading his message around Proto. As the committee with the ancient icon of love plastered all over we gladly assist him in his quest.

However, since bows and other weaponry is not allowed on campus (Cupid would not give us his weapon smuggler’s contact), we will deliver roses with a message attached. Do you have a message that will make your loved one’s jaw and panties drop? Then buy a rose ticket and fill in the survey provided in the link! We will make sure that your loved one receives you message on a laser-cut card, along with a rose.
Cannot put your love into words? Less is more, therefore the limit for your message is 64 characters.

Make your message via this link