Ice Skating

Winter is coming!
We are going to ice skate this winter! The SportCie organised also a teacher so the argument that you can not ice skate does not count anymore. We will be ice skating for for 2 hour February 6th. It will be cold, hard working but really fun! We can do a hot cocoa afterwards!

7.25 EUR p.p. (normal price)
7 EUR p.p. (student price)
5.25 EUR p.p. (union card price)
6.- EUR p.p for hiring ice skates

Gloves are mandatory!

Ask all your friends it will be really fun to go with a big group of people. Be competitive and dare your friends who is going to have the fastest lap.

SportCielympics points:
The SportCieLympics is a point system that the SportCie runs throughout the whole year to determine who is the most sporty Proto member of the year! You can see the progress on one of the leaderboard posters around the SmartXP!