Do-group Parent MoAD

Are you the new do-group parent we're looking for? Do you have what it takes to raise the new generation of kiddos? Then join the What-To- Expect-When- You’re-Expecting drink!
Here we will give a presentation about being a mommy or daddy and inform you about what to expect when having a do-group. Even if you are not sure if you want to be a mommy or daddy, we still strongly recommend anyone who might want to become one to join. You don’t have to become a parent if you attend the presentation, and potential aunts and uncles are welcome as well!

The presentation will start around 18:00, so you don’t have to be there from the beginning of the drink. Just be sure to attend the presentation itself! After the drink, you will still have a month to decide who will become a daddy/mommy in your do-group. Just keep in mind this year's requirements:

  • A motivation as to why we should make your group a do-group
  • A mommy and daddy (same-gender couples are welcome as well of course!)
  • At least 5 uncles and/or aunts

This and the contact information can be submitted by a google form that we will supply shortly
after. We hope to see you at the drink!