Internationals Input Session (Free lunch!)

Proto has seen a steady increase of active international members in the past years, which is great to see! However, we all know things could still be very much improved to make international students feel more at home at our association.

Therefore, the board is organising a special input session where you can provide feedback or give suggestions on everything Proto related in regards to international acceptance! Here are some of the topics we will discuss: (but feel free to come to us, mail us or let us know during the input session if there are any other topics you would like to discuss!)

  • Inclusion within the Protopolis
  • Food options in the OmNomCom
  • Promotion and attendance of events
  • Internationals/Integration Committee
  • Internationals Day during the Kick-In

Free lunch will be provided.

PS. Dutch students are welcome to join as well!