Ice skating

The temperature is dropping again. The frost is visible on the windows in the morning. Every dutch person is getting ready already. IT IS TIME TO GO ICE SKATING AGAIN! What a better way to counter the cold than some sharpened skates?

The SportCie would love to go ice skating with as many proto members as possible. It is most convenient if everyone gets there own ticket. At the SU, you can get one for €5,25. At the 'Ijsbaan' you can get a ticket for €7,25 if you bring your student card. Otherwise it will cost you €7,75.

Although it is most convenient to get your own ticker, we would still like to see that you sign up. Then we know how many people we can expect. We hope to see you there!

UPDATE: This event war originally planned to be on the 1st of December, but COVID wouldn't allow it. Again, it cancelled on the new date: the 14th of January. But that won't hold our dutch ice skating spirit back. We are going to just try it once more. If you were signed in last time, you unfortunately need to sign in again and get another spot.