Procam Presents: What is it like to work on the IT market?

Important note for first and second year CreaTers: This can be used for ProfDev!

Procam is coming to the SmartXp to tell everyone about what it is like to work in the world of IT. These career crafters will share their expertise with us.

If you’re reading this you’re right on time because right now there is a tight IT labor market. This gives IT and beta students almost endless possibilities.
Making a decision may seem overwhelming due to the many potential outcomes. Throughout the training we will discuss things like: how to orientate, what fits you the most and what recent developments are there within the world of IT and how you can find your place within it!

Important: there is a no-show fee. If you are not signed out before the sign-out deadline and are not present, you will be charged this fee, even if the event would otherwise be free.