Alumni Day

On the 27th of November the study of Creative Technology will be hosting an Alumni Day.

This is your chance to catch up with your old study peers, teachers and staff.

Apart from that, we will also host some presentations, in which you can learn more about the state of the art within the sectors of design and technology. These talks will of course be done by CreaTe teachers.

Current CreaTe students
All current CreaTe students are also welcome to join the talks and it will be possible to socialise with the Alumni afterwards. So, this is a great opertunity for everyone to get to know eachother.

If possible, the event will take place online. So make sure to keep the afternoon of the 27th of November free! Please note: the time noted on this event page might not be the actual time the event will be hosted. More information will follow.

Sign up!
Make sure to spread the word among your peers and for the Alumni please sign up using this form if you’re planning to come so we know how many people to expect and we can send you the link to the conference call.

Zoom meeting

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Kind regards,
CreaTe staff and Proto