FOR SALE: Sketching Sets 40% off

Now that the first module is finishing up, it's time to start preparing for the next one! In your second module we used to learn how to draw all of our awesome ideas in a Sketching course. However this course is discontinued and now we have 12 sets left.

The sets used to be €75, but now they are €45. Come buy your ticket now and come to the Protopolis and ask one of the board members to hand you one.

Sketching set content

  • 4Art Markerblock, 75g, A3 | link
  • 4Art Sketchblock, 110g, A3 | link
  • Pigma Micron 05 - 0.45 mm - Light cool gray | link
  • Pigma Micron, 0.4 mm, Black | link
  • Schneider Slider Memo XB, Black | link
  • Derwent pencil, Spectrum Blue
  • Copic Marker, Cool Gray 2 (C2) | link
  • Copic Marker, Cool Gray 4 (C4) | link
  • Copic Refill, Cool Gray 2 (C2)
  • Copic Refill, Cool Gray 4 (C4)
  • Copic Coloured Marker (random colour) | link