Lunch lecture Athom

For the second lunch lecture this company month, Athom will join us! None other than Emile Nijssen will give a talk on the topic of Going from Prototype to Production, while you can enjoy your free Subway lunch. Here's a message from him:

From Prototype to Production
Hardware is hard. And creating a prototype is just the beginning. But what’s next?

Getting your product in the hands of customers is a whole new challenge. Have you thought about manufacturability? Costs? Injection molding? Software updates? Training a support team? I'd like to share my lessons in this talk with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This is my story as CreaTer becoming Creative Director.

About Emile
As a CreaTer I was always making things. Some of them you can still see at Proto, I think. But what you won’t learn at the university is how to create and manufacture products for the masses.

About Athom
At Athom, the company that creates Homey, we do electronics, software, design, marketing, sales & customer support all in-house. That's a lot of disciplines that all have to come together in one coherent customer experience. And believe it or not, Creative Technology students are the best people for the job!