Aluminium VS Bubblewrap Drink!!

10th of February is the day. Finally we will once and forever find out which is better: Bubblewrap or Aluminimum foil?

For this drink, you can buy a ticket which makes you belong in the team of your choosing. Buying this ticket not only comes with the great honour of defending your favorite wrapping material, but also with 4 craft beers!

Getting a ticket for team Bubblewrap grants you:

  • Grolsch Saison
  • Grolsch Winterbok
  • Meantime Chocolate Porter
  • Browersnoss Zwaar Geschut

Getting a ticket for team Aluminiumfoil grant you:

  • Browersnoss Librije Kopstoot
  • Grimbergen Blanche
  • Meantime Londen IPA
  • Browersnos Tweeduuster

So join us and, most importantly, beat the other material!