Decorate the christmas tree drink

On a cold, cold wintersday, there was an old guy which gave treats to youngsters and manchildren alike. 't was the day this gentle old fellow's agecounter gained a new strike, the SmartXp gave birth to a new entity with a spike. This living being of green and brown was naked from top to down. To remedy this dillema, this sapling has giftst not of fabric or cloths, but out of wood and polylactic acid on its agenda.

For thou is this call for help, to come, create and decorate the newly born christmas tree in the SmartXp.
Supplies will be on the place, but feel free to to bring stuff if that helps your case. This will be on the seventh of December, so put this evening in your calender!

Drinks will be there, for which you should pay. The rest of the things will be free on this day.