Plant cutting market (stekjesmarkt)

Is your room slowly evolving into a jungle because of all your plants constantly producing new babies? Or are you just ready to commit to some new plants? Then the PlantSi has the best activity planned for you. Namely, during the break (12.30 - 13.45) of the 28th of September there will be a ‘Stekjesmarkt’. This will be a market where you can collect and exchange your cuttings with others. It would be most fun if everyone could bring at least one cutting, however don’t worry if you have none since there would be people who will probably bring multiple. Some people will get the chance to get a cutting from one of the original Proto plants (Pathmos & Flying Tiger), so make sure you don’t miss out on that!

The PlantSi (Plant society) is also looking for new members. There will be an interest form present at the Stekjesmarkt which you could fill up to show your interest into becoming a member of the best society of Proto.