Surf Trip

As you might’ve already heard, Proto is going on another surf trip this year! Whether you are a total beginner surfer or an experienced wave rider, this trip is one you can’t miss!
After the success of last year's surf trip, the SurfCie are organising an even more awesome trip to Moliets, France. We’ll be leaving by bus on the 8th of June at 17:30 from the Spiegel and we’ll be arriving back in Enschede on Monday morning the 12th of June.

THE COSTS WILL BE LOWER IF MORE PEOPLE JOIN! So make sure to hype this trip up to all your friends and save everyone some money. For example, if we have 60 people, the cost of the trip (exculding surfing lessons) is around 255 euro. Whereas if we go with 30 people it will be around 360 euro (again excluding surfing lessons).
This price includes:

  • Surf gear rental
  • Breakfast and diner for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • A bar-card.
  • Stay at the Moliets surf camp (you only need to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag)
  • If you want surfing lessons this will be an additional 95 euro. There will be 3 surfing lessons, one on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. (By sign-up to this event you don'y have to decide if you want lessons yet.)
    For more information on where we’ll be staying, have a look here.

Sign-up will open on Wednesday the 21th of December at 13:00. There is only a limited amount of places available, so make sure you’re ready when the sign up opens!