Mega Chill LAN party

The first module of the year draws to an end, you’ve just finished you last exams and need a break, what better way to celebrate and relax then to play games! Let’s relax from all the studying stress by having a mega chill LAN party! Bring your favorite games and friends or join us in all kinds of fun little tournaments.

There will be a lottery where you can win all kinds of fun stuff. You can buy your tickets during the LAN party or earlier in the OmNomCom for €0,50 per tickets (in the Specials category). The more tickets you buy, the bigger the chance that you will win something nice! The earnings will be donated to a good cause: de Hersenstichting, or Brain Foundation. They aim to support research on causes of brain diseases and the possibilities to prevent, asses and treat these disorders and ease their consequences.