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Does the thought of improving healthcare excite you, but direct patient care isn't your cup of tea? At Performation, we utilize data and software to play our part. We assist in addressing and resolving needs and challenges that hospitals and other health organisations may have, spanning, among other things, capacity management, data analytics, digital healthcare, healthcare registration and financial management. We always opt for the optimal solution*, not the simplest or most obvious one. This approach ensures a tangible impact on healthcare.

*We understand your curiosity about the solutions you would be working on. Visit our website to learn more about this.

We take pride in our 20+ years of contribution to healthcare. Our team comprises over 160 enthusiastic professionals, including consultants, technical consultants and developers. Alongside diligent work, we foster team cohesion through activities like office pool or table tennis, ski trips, and spontaneous events. It's essential that you can express yourself and contribute value both to your team and to healthcare in your own unique way.

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