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Formorrow connects talent in IT and life sciences with career opportunities. With us everything revolves around you. Who are you, what makes you happy, how - and where - can you grow? We help you shape your own future and excel as yourself. We connect employers to exactly those team members who come into their own in their organization. In this way we contribute to a sustainable and diverse labor market, which revolves around the power of individual talent.

Dive deeper. Grow further.
With the Formorrow method

We are here for everything you can today. And for who you can be tomorrow. With our substantiated method, we help you in three phases to take your future into your own hands:

Know yourself
Of course it's about what you can do. But we start with who you are, with the Discovery Day. Test where your strengths lie. Find out how you are. And discuss your dreams with our psychologists. This way you get a deeper insight into yourself. And we discover which workplace suits your personality and talents.

Find your match
Based on your insights from the Discovery Day, we will not look for just any job, but for a career. Together we will find the employer where you feel right at home. Where everything you have in you comes into its own. And where you get the space to develop. Today — and still the day after tomorrow.

Grow ahead
Started your job? Then you will also start at our Formorrow IT Academy. For two years you will learn everything you need to shape your career. You deepen your self-knowledge. Strengthens your craft skills. And together with your coach you develop your vision of your future and shape your career.

The advantages of Formorrow

  • Everything revolves around you
    We take the time to get to know you. This is the only way to discover which job and employer really suits you.
  • Formorrow Academy for two years
    At the Formorrow Academy you develop yourself, your professional skills and a vision of your future. Your coach will guide you through every step and question.
  • Choose a career
    No quick job or just a job via Formorrow. We connect you with a career to grow into.
  • For all that you can become
    Formorrow looks further ahead and helps you to build a beautiful, sustainable career in which your unique strength is central.

Grow ahead with the IT Academy

  • Deepen your self-knowledge
    We prepare you for a career that molds to you. That means: knowing who you are to become what you want. That is why you go through a substantiated training program in the field of personal development and effectiveness. You learn how you work, what gives you energy, how you work together optimally... and above all: how you excel as yourself. And that will benefit you throughout your career.
  • Strengthen your professional knowledge
    In technical vocational training you develop all the skills you need for your current job – and for everything that comes after that. You also obtain relevant certificates, such as Microsoft PowerBI, ITIL, Linux, DevOps or Azure Fundamentals. So you'll be ready for any opportunity that lies ahead. Choose the broadly oriented IT Academy, or dive into the depths with one of the specialties.
  • Build your career
    With your personal coach you look further ahead. How do you envision your future? And how do you get there? Your coach is available for all your questions about tomorrow and today's reality. That goes beyond any IT traineeship. From small frustrations to existential issues, your coach will help you. In confidence, of course. And confident in you.

Your career through Formorrow

  1. Apply and upload your resume. Prefer to register anonymously? That is not a problem at all.
  2. We first check whether your CV suits us and then confirm your intake.
  3. Continue at Formorrow? During the Discovery Day you get to know yourself better and discover which jobs suit you.
  4. Based on your insights, we find that employer where you can fully come into your own.
  5. As soon as you start your new job, you also start the Formorrow Academy.

Do you want to know more about Formorrow?

Do you want to know more about Formorrow, our Academy, the options in it or our specific vacancies or do you have other questions? Reassure them to Rick. He is happy to help you!

Rick van der Meijden
Talent Advisor

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