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VenDesign - “Humans first”

When we first started our business, we wanted to operate in the Automotive business. This sector is one of the most neglected sectors when it come to software for small business owners, which offers great opportunities for webdevelopment companies. Back then there was only one big agency who got all the projects and didn’t really care about the customer at all, as we’ve learned from our marketing research. Small business owners in the Automotive business were paying huge amounts for basic websites. That’s how we came up with our humans first concept.

Putting humans first, and money second has ensured that many small businesses came to us for webdevelopment. It sounds cliché but we’re not talking about customer journey or user experience first. On the contrary. The client himself is human, so he himself comes first.

This approach ensures that customers are suddenly no longer customers but that kind of friend who has the confidence that their money is being spent well. Which ultimately ensures that a long-term relationship develops. Our clients are our friends. And friendships are forever ????

If you ever wondered how it is to work at a company like ours? Just come by for a casual cup of coffee, tea or soda or visit our jobs page. Let’s figure out if we can be friends aswell.

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