Innovatie Cluster Drachten

We are a group of high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands that work together on solutions
for the major challenges of the future ‘on the edge of technology’. We call this our ‘big 5’ of high-tech:
‘the internet of things’, big data, robotics, 3D printing and alternative energy. We do this by using state-
of-the-art high-tech or, where necessary, developing it ourselves. This is possible thanks to the unique
collaboration of our R&D departments, in which mutual competition has given way to strengthening
each other. The result is more than 50 new products every year worldwide. Products that save people’s
lives, make the operation of complex systems child-friendly, tailor products to the individual wishes and
needs of consumers and make data accessible to improve the quality of food. We are Innovationcluster
Drachten: ‘The heart of the smart factory region’ of North-West Europe.

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